Hardware Design

We provide a complete and comprehensive turnkey design solution for board level designs. Specializing in high speed design and layout technologies. Our Board Level design services,Design and Schematic Capture,Signal Integrity,System/Board Level Functional Simulation,Impedance Controlled Layout, Design for Test and PCB Assembly.


Ground Support Equipment(GSE)

First line, second line and Third line testing for more than 10 Ground Support test Sets were efficaciously done by electrolinks in Defense sector.


Cable Harness

  • Harness and cable assemblies starting with functional & interface specifications.
  • Capability to select right components for low loss, high frequency RF cable assemblies
  • Type certification/qualification Testing capability using accredited test laboratories to MIL–STD- & JSS 55555
  • Harness accessories to meet special requirements such weight, shape, protection etc
  • Harnesses with integrated mechanical parts


Repair And Maintenance

  • Respond rapidly to customer maintenance requirements, facilitate collaboration, and provide self-service support
  • Our comprehensive service capabilities provide our customers with greater flexibility and
    • Choice when selecting the appropriate service for their needs.
    • Greater durability and proven performance
    • Fast and easy installations and repairs
    • Minimal disruption on-site and to the surrounding environment and communities
    • Cost effective and effi cient so


Distribution & Trading

  • Aero-borne Equipment
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
Supply of
  • Aircraft Spares
  • General Purpose Spares
  • Communication Spares
  • Class C items & MIL grade Hardware’s
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Battery & Battery Chargers
  • ACDC Power Supplies
  • Consumables
Test Data