PLC Based Power Controller

  • The Power Switching Controller is PLC based standalone system controls the power ON-OFF based on front panel user day wise/hourly wise Settings.
  • This System runs continuously 24/7 without user intervention & monitoring,
  • This System runs until user intervention by changing in Hour/Day settings or User Reset.
  • This system provides front panel User interface to set be the Power » 0N cycles in no of hours & no of days.

Test Jigs ,Rigs & ATE’s

Electrolinks has capability to develop various types of Test Rigs and Jigs to serve the need for testing of systems in defence and aerospace industry. We also provide customized rigs, jigs and special to type test equipments.

  • Automated Test Equipments (ATEs)
  • Ground Test Sets
  • Test Rigs/Jigs

Tele Loudspeaker system

TLS is designed and developed to cater for wired voice communication between the Commandant and his battalion with multiple gun posts. The commander will be able to communicate with either one specific post or multiple posts or with all the posts at any point of time. The commander will be able to communicate to 14 such locations and one director gun post for monitoring over a distance of 1000 meters i.e 1Km.  

Airborne system

We provide a complete and comprehensive turnkey design solution for board level designs. Specializing in high speed design and layout technologies.

Our Board Level design services

  • Design and Schematic Capture
  • Signal Integrity
  • System/Board Level Functional Simulation
  • Impedance Controlled Layout
  • Design for Test
  • PCB Manufacture and Assembly

Ground Support Equipments

Break In Box For Jaguar aircraft
The scope of the Break in box is to monitor the voltage and current level at all the pins of ADR (Accident Data Recorder) and DAU (Data Acquisition Unit).

End User: Jaguar Aircraft, Indian Air Force
AC-DC Test set For Jaguar aircraft
The electrical power generation test set is designed for checking out the “dormant” circuits of the aircraft electrical power generation system and for checking voltage and frequency values at various points within the electrical generation system

End User: Jaguar Aircraft, Indian Air Force
Fuel dip For Hawk aircraft
The fuel dip system testbox consists of a test panel and cable stowage panel assemblies, contained in a case. The fuel dip testbox is used in conjunction with a digital timer to perform a series of static checks on the electrical circuits of the fuel dip systems.

End User: Hawk Aircraft, Indian Air Force

Central Warning System For Hawk aircraft
The centralized warning system (CWS) test set is used on the aircraft to test the aircraft CWS. The test set can be used to test the CWS with or without the CWS related circuits (attention getters and lighting circuits). The test set is also used, off the aircraft, to test the master control unit together with the central warning panel. The warning panel can be tested independently.

End User: Hawk Aircraft, Indian Air Force

Micro turbo For Hawk aircraft
This Test set is designed to carry out following functions
  1. System monitoring- functional check of the starting system
  2. System simulation- check for correct sequencing and the operation of safety circuits in the starting system
End User: Hawk Aircraft, Indian Air Force

System integration equipment For UAV/PTA

The actuator interface box is used during the actuator checks of Lakshya. It provides I/P points and monitor points of signals related to actuation system. It consists of two boxes. One mates with FCE J1 and J3 connectors of the aircraft loom. The other box consists of a 19-pin fixed connector to which the computer interface cable/actuator test cable is connected.

End User:Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
This unit consists of a box with cable having a fixed type connector when mated to aircraft loom connector providing the +28V line, which is drawn through two wires to banana sockets mounted on the box.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
The Accelerometer Electronics with linear accelerometer is used for measuring control surface during flight control system check of Lakshya. It is necessary to use this setup to amplify the accelerometer output which is very low.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
The Engine simulator is designed to simulate signal with frequencies in the operating range of 70% rpm to 100% corresponding to the throttle demand input range of 0 to about 9.44 Volts It also provides audio signal qualitatively corresponding to the simulated rpm.

End User:Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
During integration / testing the tow body commands bulbs are connected across the designed pin number to check the availability of particular signal as and when that particular command is initiated.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
The rate and position simulator is used during the following integration checks
  1. Control quantitative checks
  2. Roll rate and pitch rate calibration
  3. Yaw rate and yaw angle checks.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
Tow body shorting connector is used for shorting the pyros in tow bodies of Lakshya during integration testing for safety purpose. This connectors are connected to the aircraft loom connector CCP & CCS.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
This break connector is used for checking the inputs to PCM encoder.

End User: Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
Anti Skid Controller Test Rig
This Test Rig has been designed and manufactured to meet the PIC requirements of Antiskid Controller Pt. No. 228700000 of HJT-36 aircraft. Test Rig is required for carrying out the following tests such as Insulation test, Input reverse protection test, Skid valve current test, Emergency valve current test, Functional Test

End User: HJT-36 Aircraft, Indian Air Force
Link test set For UAV/PTA
The LTS can perform some of the functions of the ground control station required for checking the operation of the telecommand system of Lakshya in radiate / direct mode

End User:Lakshya Pilotless Target Aircraft, Indian Air Force
Laser window test set For Jaguar aircraft
The laser window test set is used to determine whether the degree of sand erosion on the laser window is acceptable (in terms of laser ranging/target seeking performance) by measuring the light transmission through the window.

Cable Harness

  • Harness and cable assemblies starting with functional & interface specifications.
  • Capability to select right components for low loss, high frequency RF cable assemblies
  • Type certification/qualification Testing capability using accredited test laboratories to MIL–STD- & JSS 55555
  • Harness accessories to meet special requirements such weight, shape, protection etc
  • Harnesses with integrated mechanical parts
Test Data