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Date: 1-02-2014

We have been appointed as sales & Distributors of RISBRIDGER LTD. UK for GSE.


Welcome to Electrolinks Technologies Pvt Ltd

Electrolinks Technologies a solution provider , was set up with a mission to bring to the Indian Test & Measurement and Embedded market the best-in-class solutions in COTS hardware and application development tools. Electrolinks Technologies Pvt Ltd has been successfully delivering cost effective solutions to the product developer. We Support a wide range of applications in Aerospace and Defense, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation, Transportation, Automotive and Medical Electronics.
We also offer System Integration Services for various applications meeting demanding requirements. 
Business Solutions
  • MIL-1553,ARINC, RS422, etc..
  • System Integration
  • Fabrication and Assembly of Test Rigs etc..
  • PLC & Power supply designs
  • Test & Measurement
  • Industrial Automation
  • Ruggedization of IPC’s ,
  • Network & Communications Products
  • CAD,CAM Services
  • Electronic components & Software etc…


Business Domains
Civil Aviation   Aerospace
Railways   Airports